1. The Queen is not going to step down and hand Will and Kate the throne. Queen Elizabeth II will die on the throne before she gives it up. She believes in duty above all else she percieves its her duty to remain on the throne until death. Her mother lived past 100, Chuck and Will need to sit for a while.

Also Charles beleives in duty too. He may not want to take the throne but he will do

it because its just what’s simply done.

2. My mother was talking to a woman she knows. Her friend believes that all the missiles Kim Jun Un is launching into the sea is causing the hurricanes we are having and triggered the Mexican earthquake.

Why does my mind flash to the old movie.(actually good movie which never got remade, I don’t think) Crack In The World.


Sorry sea is gigantic I doubt the missiles explode at the bottom of sea. Also are these missiles even loaded with explosives?

Trailer to Crack In The World worth seeing although I last saw it in the 80s in high school.