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Updated Sorry Ubisoft San Francisco But This Is Not Acceptable re Women In Computer Field

I was reading the latest issue of Game Informer. I am a subscriber via Gamestop points program. Everytime you buy you get points and I use some points for a yearly subscription. Not sure why I bother since I only play Nintendo handhelds.

They do not do a lot with the 3ds.

Anyways their cover story is about the XBox One, PS4 game South Park The Fractured But Whole. The developer is the Ubisoft division in San Francisco.


I noticed a picture of the development team in a conference room. There are eight men, one woman. Seriously that is a low ratio. I always find the female male ratio of one division is usually consistant throughout a business. This is shamefully bad.

The cover in case you want to read the article or magazine.

Updated The article quotes Jolie Menzel, narrative design, so I googled her and its the same woman as in the photo with the eight other guys. I did not want to leave her as nameless.

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