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Sorry Unpopular Opinion: Fake Laughter Is Annoying, Loud Fake Laughter Super Annoying

Better not to fake laugh then to fake laugh. We were at a store today, the owner was talking to a customer when she suddenly started fake laughing so loudly I heard it from other end of store.

I bet she thinks its polite but its not. I am 100% positive the customer knew it was fake. Its demeaning to do. Fake laughing loudly makes you look like a fool.


We interacted with her before, she will overly flatter folks. I saw her compliment a woman circa 70 on her cologne and the woman said she was not wearing any. It was Bengay, I can identify that odor anywhere. The owner is my age and I can bet she knows what that odor was. I am sure she thought she was flattering her but it came across as demeaning.

I swear she believes it will make her liked by customers, it won’t. If anything it will annoy them since it comes across as fake because it is fake. Therefore you will never know if a compliment is ever genuine or fake. Or a fake laugh will win customers, it won’t.

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