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I was SO hoping we had some GT peeps in San Antonio, but it seems we don’t.

My time there was well spent. My presentations went very well, I attended some great sessions and had some wonderful food. Since there was zero possibility of a GT meet, I ended up at a lot of dinners with tuba folks. That means excellent food, top shelf margaritas and a lot of boring low brass talk. Which is made easier by the wonderful margarita buzz.

The first night we were away one of our cats took a tumble out of the big condo and ended up with a back injury. Fortunately we had a fantastic pet sitter who got her to the vet the next morning and then into a quarantine room so Sisi could rest and recover. She is now using her hind legs and steadily improving. I’m tired as hell from our early flight out of Texas and also freezing cold, but I’m looking to sleeping on a hardwood floor tonight so she’ll have company.


The biggest thing for me this week is that 3 huge school districts in Texas, Louisiana and Florida have all asked me to come into their districts to train their music teachers on current technology. Emails have begun to roll in and I’m trying to figure out what I should be charging. All while I’m freezing to fucking death because last night I partied on a patio in 75 degrees and here its icing over at a high of 10....

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