Welcome To The Bitchery

Sort of Goodbye, temporarily


Just so that you don't worry that I've been eaten by a snake, or crushed by a 40 lb barbell, or driven mad by a combination of ear-pain and crazy children, or severely injured while trying to perform a complex and ultimately unsatisfying sex act, I wanted to let you know that I will be mostly absent from here for the next couple months, on account of I need to be more present in the part of life that doesn't involve inside jokes about lentils. As much as I enjoy this community, I need to cut out some distractions, and you guys are distracting — in a good way.


I'll drop by from time to time, and I'll try to drop more LOTR stuff as I go along, but I won't be posting or commenting regularly.

And since it doesn't feel like "goodbye" without a little drama, you. You know who you are and what you did. And I hope you feel the way you know you should feel about it.


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