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Elevators vs Escalators

I despise escalators. If my hands are free I will go up them if elevator is far. Going down I will go out of my way to use an elevator even if I have to backtrack half a mall, which I have done many times.


Escalators are the Devils Staircase plus you always need to check your shoes to see if they are tied or goodbye shoe if not foot.

I am team elevator.

I miss the old fashioned ones where a worker got in with you to push the down/up lever and the lever to open up the second door, first door a metal gate. As a child in the seventies there was a store like that, then in the 80s they modernized it for all to use not just their trained employees, something about safety regulations. All malls need to have for their main elevator an operator who will hold the door open if you are rushing to catch it and to press the buttons.

Team elevator operator.

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