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Can anybody think of an easy way to sort dry beans and pasta away from each other without having to pick out each piece of pasta?

Why, you might be wondering?

Before we were married, one year for Christmas Mr. Ivriniel's sister and mother gave him a case of "bachelor chow". This was a case of 2 quart mason jars with various dry ingredients and recipes taped to the outside. Most of the have been long since eaten, but a few of them pose some challenges, because my inlaws perhaps didn't read the instructions carefully enough.

For example, the bottle of Spicy Chilli Mac mix in front of me has a bunch of dried beans flavouring and pasta in it. The pasta was supposed to go in a separate bag inside the the jar, so you could take the beans out, soak them, cook them and then only add the pasta to everything at a later stage.

This stuff has just been sitting in the cupboard for ages. I might be tempted to toss it, but I hate to waste perfectly good food.


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