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SOS - possible infection ahead!

Dear GT,

I hope the new year of the Monkey (and 2016) has been kind to you!

My partner of close to two years has recently been complaining of low energy, joint aches since last Jun and finally went to the GP to get it checked. The GP did a physical examination of him, and asked him questions about the symptoms. In that conversation, [ETA] the GP asked my partner about his sexual history and he spoke about us and that I sometimes bleed during sex. This bleeding hasn’t happened in close to six months, but when it did, it was only during sex and I had attributed it to thin cervix lining due to BC (please correct me if I’m wrong) and rough poundage. Just FYI, we have been monogamous and have unprotected sex since Aug 2014. Since then, I’ve had Pap smear tests twice, and twice tested negative for chlamydia / gonorrhea.

Back to the GP - he thinks my partner has chlamydia. And that it is most likely from me, [ETA]since my partner had an STD screening done a little before we got together. Like I mentioned above, the GP only did a physical examination on my partner and administered no other tests. He was prescribed a seven-day course of doxycyline. This is where I got a little miffed because 1) no other tests other than a physical examination was done and the GP feels confident it is chlamydia; 2) GP didn’t think it was necessary to prescribe me the antibiotics even without seeing me, although he’s pretty sure it’s chlamydia.

Weeks ago, I had already booked an appointment with my GYN for regular Pap smear testing this Sat, but in light of this development, I called for an emergency check-up this afternoon. I am trying to keep calm because infections happen, and this will not be the end of the world and I will just have to get medicated if there is an infection.

I would like to know if anyone has had to deal with STDs/STIs in a monogamous relationship and how to work with your parner on it, because the man was hella awkward with me last night when he sat me down to break the news.

I’m also trying to calm myself down but my brain is in an overdrive, trying to remember if I’ve been a responsible, sex-having adult.


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