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Soup from "nothing." Share your favorite "nothing" recipes?

That was dinner, before it was gone in about two minutes flat. Before that it was a kind of sad group of things (most of which were past or long past their prime); leftover "smashed" potatoes, onion that I'd diced and put in a ziploc and thrown in the freezer sometime in the last four years, celery (sad, sad celery), one piece of bacon that was wayyyy in the back of the fridge, and cheese & chives for garnish.Basically, this is one of those "oh, shit, I don't have anything for dinner, I'm broke, but I do still have some milk and potatoes... SOUP!" (said with Homer's Douggghnuttts enthusiasm - I love soup) things. I wanted to add a random can of cream-style corn that's hanging out in my cabinet, but my daughter detests corn. (Which is against the law, isn't it? I thought all kids liked corn?)

It doesn't sound like much but it's so freaking good. And filling as hell. Most important, it's more or less "free." Yes, I know it's not really, but for tonight's purposes it sure as hell was, because I'm married to an Irish man who loves potatoes more than me, I'm pretty sure, so I usually have some combination of these foods around. (Even if, like the celery, they shouldn't really have still been around.)


I realize that my kitchen staples aren't your staples (like I also buy bulk yeast and keep flour on hand so I can have "free" bread because apparently I'm delusional) but anyway, anyone want to share their "something from nothing" favorites?

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