Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

I am having a party of one tonight. It includes:

-One (1) spinach strawberry goat cheese salad

-One (1) greatly oversized bottle of yellowtail pinot grigio

-The remnants of some green goodness, amount TBD

-Several trashy TV shows of my liking (I am having a moment with Love & Hip Hop Atlanta, don't judge me, Waka Flocka is beautiful)


-Seemingly unlimited number of Twix ice cream bars

-Groupthink (I have meatloaf recipes to go through, y'all)

-Stromae featured as background vocalist, perhaps to lead into a dance party later in the evening.


I think I'm set to go. I don't have pants on. I'm ready. You guys can come if you want. Don't tell anybody.

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