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South African Anti-DV compaign

My parents fought all the time when I was growing up. Like loud, mad, knock-out shouting matches, with the occasional frying pan thrown at someone for good measure. None of this amounted to physical abuse (and I'll save the discussion on other forms of abuse for a different time), but it very much skewed my perception of what's considered a "normal" argument. Like, I can knock off lists of DV resources and multiple checklists for abuse, but I'd very likely be like every person in that experiment and just stay out of it.


I just don't have a great reference for what constitutes a "hey, call the cops" fight. I dunno, I always think that it's probably good that my roommate was the one who was home when my upstairs neighbor was getting beaten up by her boyfriend 'cause my roommate registered it as awful and had a friend step in to try and stop it and ended up calling the cops. And I just don't know if I would have processed the fighting in the same way. Ya know?

Source: Original by People Opposing Women Abuse

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