I am sick to my stomach about this. If y’all haven’t seen it, basically a ton of areas of south Louisiana are under major water - like, up to their roofs, standing on their cars, being rescued by good Samaritans with boats. Good thing fishing is a big deal. I hope all our Louisiana-based GTers are safe and dry!

So far, over 20,000 people have required rescue. My sort-of coworker had to go rescue her boyfriend’s family in a boat. I wasn’t in New Orleans for Katrina, but the imagery is striking me the same way NOLA’s did when I watched from afar before I moved here - and people I know, including my husband, who went through Katrina are having a lot of emotions bubbling to the surface right now.

If you are rescued by helicopters, they make you leave your pets. There are animals everywhere.

This is not about me - the New Orleans area is relatively dry (knock on wood).

Some donation-related links if you’re feeling generous from a distance:


Salvation Army Donation Site



If you’re in the area:

A list of shelters to share (among other information)





Foster for Animal Rescue New Orleans (ARNO)

ETA More information for anyone in the area courtesy Violet Baudelaire:

One thing you might want to add is that either for anyone who needs help or who has a boat, radio is actually the best way to get in touch; ATT put in 11 temporary towers to try to get service back but it’s still pretty dicey and the main way boats can communicate is radio

#‎LOUISIANAFLOOD‬ ‪#‎HELP‬ ***Communication between Facebook rescue help requests need to be relayed to local Fire Stations radio dispatch. Remember there is little cell service in affected areas so rescue boats can’t access social media and need info via radio dispatch. The fire departments are on the ground in the effected areas and are coordinating rescue boat efforts.

If you you know of a launch location needing boats call in the location to Baton Rouge 98.1 FM radio station. There is no service out there and FM or handheld radio is the only way boats can hear where they are needed to launch, when they are on the road and trying to get to the places people need help.

There are plenty of rescue boats in the area that are capable of helping but they lack the communication power to get the information of where their boats are needed and the best access routes to get them there. This is where you can help by helping facilitate the communications and get the information to the people already in the area.

The specific rescue requests needs to go from individuals to Social Media to Fire Department Radio dispatch then to local AM/FM radio with boat launch locations and addresses in area.