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Space 1999 Aftershock and Awe Is Fantastic








It’s a graphic novel by Andrew Gaska. It is in two parts. The first part about 40 percent takes place on Moonbase Alpha from when Koenig arrived on 9/12/1999 to 9/13 when the moon was thrust outside the solar system.


Then its a four page interlude. This Earth is a different Earth an Earth in which Kennedy was not shot and as president he pushed for humanity to go to space. In the 70s we started digging the moon for the moonbase and then it explains there was a nuclear war in 1980s was which lead to sending radioactive material to the moon and sending folks to Mars and Jupiter.

The next 60 percent of the book is great. It’s about the same two days then it jumps 10 years. A major character is the teen daughter of the Aussie Pilot Carter. It also focuses on those on Earth heading the Moonbase.

This part takes place on mainly earth. Coastlines are destroyed everywhere by tidal waves, volcanoes burst from under the ocean, massive earthquakes. Earth tips on its axis, Egypt is now the South Pole.

It finally jumps 10 years. The teen daughter is now an adult astronaut helping to move a Jupiter moon to Earth and an journey also to go after the Moonbase.

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