(Sadly, no, not the sexy kind.) (possible TW for physical abuse)

So I have a question. Who here was spanked as a child, and what do you think the results are? My theory is that spanking either does nothing, positive or negative, or more likely, causes infinite resentment and maybe emotional trauma.

I am probably biased. I was spanked as a child, but only by my father. I always knew he did it because he was personally angry, even though he gave me that whole "this hurts me more than it hurts you" speech. Which in my opinion is totally bullshit. There you are, a helpless child being hit by a full-grown adult. You are terrified and angry and completely aware that you are utterly powerless. Now, in the interest of fairness, I was probably a difficult child to raise. I would never do what I was told just because someone told me to do it - there always had to be a good reason. I liked to challenge authority. I once told my mom, "You can punish me, but you can never make me do anything." I suppose this attitude could be threatening, if you felt you were entitled to submission from your children. And I'm probably also biased because my father was pretty abusive about spanking. It was always bare bottom with a fresh willow branch, and to drive the point home that I was powerless he would often hold me down until I stopped struggling for up to half an hour first. Spanking also never worked. I was afraid of it, but it would never be enough to cause me to not do something I wasn't supposed to, since it was a power struggle. My mom, on the other hand, punished me by grounding me, usually by taking away all my books which was the worst thing in the world to me. I usually didn't disobey my mom.

GreenHunk, on the other hand, was never spanked as a child and says he cannot see why anyone would hit a kid for any reason.

I just want to know if it was just me, if anyone had what could be deemed a successful or positive experience with being spanked as a child.