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I have a ‘consumer hostess’ job coming up that will require me to wear somewhat form-fitting attire. I want to smooth out some of my bumps (back rolls and muffin top) and I was wondering if Spanx lives up to the hype. Will they hold everything in?

Yes, I know that is vague as hell but it’s nothing skeevy. I did it last year and while it was frightfully boring (standing around and answering simple questions) it was great pay for a few hours of ‘work’. I was a bit uncomfortable being a go-to person last year due to the lumpiness so I’m wondering if SPANX is actually effective at smoothing everything it if they aren’t worth it.


If they are worth it, what type did you get and are they comfortable enough to wear all day? Should I do a couple of test runs to get used to the smooshing?

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