Just another Christmas Eve. Dorkwest, my wine-store/tasting bar 'Ye'let brought Gruet sparkling wine (I LOVES IT, LOVES IT, PRECIOUS even if it's from NM) so I'm enjoying perfect little bubbles in between handsful of homemade caramel corn (so easy! so good! - they lie, use margarine if you want, no one's gonna die - BUT, salt it when you're ready to spread it on foil, either with fancy sea salt, or plain old iodized) while my family plays Risk (the youngest 'let, who is 16 and was all "I don't wannnnna, I don't know howwwww" is now kicking ASS and taking continents), and am about to start the sponge for some more baggles. <hr />

Chicken thighs are simmering for chicken & andouille gumbo, french bread is rising...


I may've lost my ass in Risk already but I'm pretty sure this is considered as big a win as I could hope for.

I'm going to share what my stepdad posted on FB this morning:

I hope you all have a happy holiday season and a fun and prosperous New year. May you be generous, be loving, be tolerant, be forgiving and be safe.


Love y'all.