Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

Well that was nice while it lasted. Greg hadn’t been in the house for a week. And I thought to myself, God really does answer prayer. But then he appeared this morning. So it’s very possible God might be punishing me, or trying to teach me something. They both feel like the same thing sometimes.


Greg: you know I really hate that my girlfriend’s a trapper

Me: What!?

Greg: What do you mean what?

Me: I’m just trying to wrap my mind around this. A girl who deals, has sex with you? How?


Greg: not that kind of trapping, like animals

Me: Oooh ok. Like squirrels?

Greg: yeah like squirrels and rats and stuff.

(side bar: this is Georgia this is a thing that people do. Just let it happen)

Me: Well is it a hobby she had before she met you?

Greg: Yeah.

Me: then why do you want her to stop it.

Greg: It doesn’t fit with who I am and I find it low class

Me: Is your name Chris Evans? Dev Patel? You got money that no one knows about?

Greg: No.

Me: Exactly which means ain’t nobody out here trying to sacrifice nothing for you.


Update: Apparently the gf not gf wants to get to know me so that’s happening

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