When I was little, I had a chance to join the Girl Scouts. When I looked at the available activities, I balked.

See, I actually had a Boy Scout manual on hand, it looked kick-ass. Make radios! Build fires! Learn to survive in the woods! Oh, and (at the time), they didn't have to sell anything.


The Girl Scouts activities? Lame. It was all crafting and stuff that appeared to be geared towards future homemakers. Their nature outings were either day trips, or were extremely sanitized. I decided not to join, and the difference between the two groups left a bad taste in my mouth for years.

Now, I've been hearing better things about the Girl Scouts organization: They're friendly to trans youth, they've added tech badges, they've started pushing 'girl power' more. I also have realized that the troop I saw may have just had a bad leader who didn't like camping, and was doing the bare minimum.

I'm now considering signing my daughter up for Girl Scouts, as well participating in the organization. The older I get, the more I feel a burning desire to reach out to younger generations. This seems like a good way to do that.

So, leaders, former Girl Scouts, parents... what are your thoughts?