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Speaking of Cats... EDIT - I'm not fat-shaming my cat

How would one get a cat to lose weight?

Siren is...on the heavy side. She's maybe 12 lbs? I know that sounds small, obviously, but her tummy region is clearly a bit big. Plus she's just a tiny cat in general, so her stomach is disproportionately large. Not to mention, the vet has told us she's a bit heavy and needs to lose some tummy weight.


I know a BIG issue is what she's eating. For a long time, she ate only Meow Mix. A few months back, I switched her to Science Diet (I think), and the "light" version of it. She loved it and she seemed to be losing some weight.


But my mom, bless her heart, is a Jewish mother through and through and doesn't think she needs to lose weight even though the vet said she does. So mom ended up buying Meow Mix again, which she currently eats, and gives her snacks like 10 times a day! We have cat snacks for her and the package clearly states not to give your cat more than 10/day, but mom disregards it entirely.

We only feed her twice a day, which is about 1/4 cup dry food mixed with some wet food. We rarely leave the bowl out for her during the day.

Besides the obvious issue that my mom needs to fucking listen to me, are there any other things I can do? Any good cat food brands? She's an indoor cat, but she's pretty active. We try to play with her as much as possible and she runs around a lot inside the house.

Any solid ways I can get mom to listen about this? I'm getting seriously annoyed that she's giving her so many snacks throughout the day.


ETA: I'm not fat shaming my cat, for fuck's sake.

Lately Siren's been more tired than normal, a bit sluggish, and her poop isn't healthy poop (please don't make me explain this, guys. Please. Just trust me on the poop). Her nose has also been a bit dry. She's not as healthy as she should be. I have to bring her to the vet this month for her annual anyway, but I'm 99% sure this is due to the food and snack situation.

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