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On the new version of YouTube there is an option for me to mute old comments so I won't get notifications about them anymore, and I love it. I desperately want this for kinja. Especially if we could do it for comments and posts. Who is with me? What would you mute?

The first thing I would mute would be that Barkhad Abdi story that got MPed last month. I am still getting a steady stream of comments on it saying "You know that A.V. Club is satirical right?" NO IT IS FUCKING NOT. I am tired of being polite about it. It is right on their about page that, even though they are owned by The Onion, nothing on their site is fictitious or meant to be satire. It is starting to irritate me so much that I am considering calling the A.V. Club and asking them how much it would cost me to have them put "This isn't satire so stop going around being a fucking pretentious douche and 'correcting' people" in their masthead.


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