Ok so I think a guy on OkCupid that I think is cute is trying to ask me on a date but I'm so woefully pathetic and bad at dating that I don't know how to respond. This is what he said:

What are you up to the rest of this weekend? I am out of town the next two weekends. I'd better make this weekend count. :)

I mean, is he being gross? Is he trying to say that he wants to go out?

We were talking about Interstellar and Birdman and then LACMA and how awesome the new exhibits are there. And then he pulled that one out. What should I say? I'm not doing anything tomorrow. It would be nice to go on a date for the first time in forever but I don't know how to you know...say that?

I told you I was bad at this.

UPDATE: HE HAS RESPONDED POSITIVELY. Oh lord, now I've done it. I'm going on a date. At 10AM on a Sunday. Or hopefully a bit later. 10AM is really early. I haven't been on a date in years. Literal years. I honestly cannot remember the last time I went out on a date.