If you require Girl Scout cookies and do not have a local scout handy, WeePiglet is selling them! We ship anywhere, and all shipped orders will have original WeePiglet artwork!

They are $4/box (which sucks, I know) and while we don't require you to chip in for shipping, if you can and wish to, that is a very nice thing. :)

You can email me at mad.piglet.42 at gmail dot com for details and whatnot.

Cookie list:

Savannah Smiles - lemon shortbread

Trefoils - shortbread

Do-Si-Dos - oatmeal peanut butter sandwich

Samoas - caramel, coconut, dark chocolate (AKA the whole reason why I exist)

Dulce de Leche - shortbread with caramel chips

Thank U Berry Munch - stupid name, awesome cookie: cranberry and white fudge chips

Tagalongs - shortbread & peanut butter, covered in chocolate

Thin Mints - if you don't know what these are, I just don't think I can help you.


We can *probably* ship to Canada. Maybe. I will have to see what kind of fandango we might have to do to make that happen, so you Canadians just sit tight and I'll get back to you soon.