While Jezebel may not be interested in hiring a dedicated science writer, some other enterprising newcomers such as The Toast are doing just that. Their ad for a "Gal Scientist", which they say was re-tweeted "eleventy billion times" but only received responses from "dudes", states

Our dream is to have a recurring science column authored by a woman (all female-identified individuals are encouraged to apply) with a PhD in A Science of Some Kind–ideally one of the really hard ones–and a delightful, accessible writing style, who already reads The Toast.

They are looking for a woman to write "once or twice a month" and

...answer questions from readers, write interesting pieces about developing science-related stories, provide advice on science-related employment and education and mentoring issues, and just generally be the sort of individual we wish was better represented in our public discourse.

If you are interested send

email submissions@the-toast.net (subject line: GAL SCIENTIST) with a writing sample, a CV, and a pitch. The pitch can be very casual and open-ended; we just want to get to know you better, know you better, know you better.


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