Does anyone here journal?

I got into journaling this past spring, mostly because I saw a really cute journal and bought it on impulse. Not knowing what else to do with it, I decided to carry it with me and write down stuff that I didn’t want to forget in it.

I tried various journaling styles (bullet, schedule, personal, etc), but I ended up just going with “whatever I might need to put on a page.” So, my journal is a mishmash of “Stuff to get at the store”, “Feelings”, and “Rad idea I don’t want to forget.”

I thought I would lose interest in my journal pretty quickly, but it’s actually been super helpful. I could have used my phone for some of this stuff, but honestly, it was less distracting to just write it down. After all, my journal doesn’t have a Twitter app installed on it.

I’m super excited to switch to my new journal, because I can’t wait to whip this baby out in a meeting: