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I have a wedding to go to this weekend and I burned my neck pretty badly the other day and it looks awful. It’s a bit embarrassing so I’m contemplating trying to cover it up with some make up or just to leave it. If I leave it, I am sure pretty much everyone is going to be like, “omg what happened to you?” It looks bad and it’s pretty far forward, so even if I do my hair down, it won’t be hidden.

However, I honestly don’t know if I can even successfully cover it or mask it. It will probably hurt to put it on, and might even be bad for healing (legit, yesterday some ooze started dripping down my neck :( gross, right? It’s pretty dry feeling now, though). But I think I could make it so that it isn’t *quite* as obvious and so it isn’t noticeable at first sight.

So, question. Have any of you dealt with something similar before? Is it worth it? Any tips or tricks or product recs? Or will I just look more stupid if I try to conceal it? Be honest.

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