I'm a stage director for a local community theater working a preteen show. The kids are generally great. They learn their lines, have fun at rehearsals, and put on a great show. The parents are pains in the ass. Some things I can understand, like missing rehearsal due to an emergency or a holiday. Our community is very Jewish, so a few kids are away for Passover. Some have already left, but I guess they have a long way to travel. Other things that I cannot understand (sarcastic answers in italics):

  • I forgot that we'll be away for a month during rehearsals. Your child is the lead, how did you forget you're going away and not tell us before casting and rehearsing started?
  • Can you change the key of this song? We use recorded music, so no.
  • My child is busy during tech week. That's the last week before we open, it's really important.
  • Can my child swap casts for a show? We have two casts that do not rehearse together, so no.

Most of these conflicts were announced today. We open the first week of June and have rehearsed two weeks already. The director might be ready to kill people and I'm right there with her.

My husband did theater here starting at 15 and says that this never happened when he was a kid. I mean, it probably did, but not to this degree. It certainly doesn't happen with the adults that he performs with now.


If you actually read this, thanks for listening to my rant. In the long run I know that none of this is that big of a deal, I'm just amazed at how entitled these parents are.