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Special Snowflakes

Examples from the past two days:

1. "I always listen to NPR in the mornings... I'm such a dork, it's so weird of me."


Well, what is weird is that you don't think there's more than one person who listens to NPR in the mornings, and perhaps that some may even engage in this bizarre and eccentric practice in the afternoons and evenings as well.

2. "I just really feel the need to understand what makes other people tick. That's why I ask a lot of questions, I'm just exceptionally curious about other people. Is that weird?"

"Uhm... You know I'm a therapist, right?"

"Yeah, but it's different. I think you're gratified by helping others, I just really want to understand the human psyche. I'm such a weirdo."


The mind reels.


3. "Gosh, I've just read like two articles about Syria. I don't know why I get so obsessive about things like this, no one else seems to care about what else is going in the world."

"Really? I've been following the news closely."

"There's some really horrible things happening elsewhere, too. And no one ever seems to know anything about it. People need to educate themselves. I mean, I know that I'm obsessive about the news, but really."


What is this about? You can't even get into conversations with these people about events/hobbies/interests/anything because it quickly becomes a competitive pissing match. I KNOW MORE THAN YOU AND I AM THE MOST EXCEPTIONAL AND UNIQUE EXPERT-OF-ALL-THINGS ON THE PLANET is the context regardless of the content. It is exhausting.

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