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Special, Special Snowflakes (work complaining!)

Because of a demanding asshole, I have a really tight deadline to get going on (GIVE ME A MINUTE I JUST STARTED MY CUP OF COFFEE). I have a lot of projects that are pretty much the same in scope; everyone who asks me for help is told that turnaround is two weeks - and when I have a ton of projects (like right now) that is ASS-BUSTING.

And this one fucking guy, schedules himself into a corner so that I have 1.5 DAYS to do his damn project because ????????? And I would normally be like UGH GET IN LINE ASSHOLE but my Big Boss Lady passed this down to me. So I have to bump everyone else down and miss like 3 other deadlines for people who have done all the right things. I would really prefer to throw someone under the bus here...


It's kind of difficult to explain this one of my many jobs, but I basically do architectural branding drawings for many locations of a company. (Not construction documents - drawings to communicate what our branding people want a contractor to do, and to help the locations that don't use an architect set up their space and follow fire codes and stuff).

These places are on a tight schedule to get renovated and get open so they can start trying to make money. They are all small, individual business owners - the company doesn't sell franchises to anyone who currently owns another business (mostly), because they want the owner involved. So it's really important they get going and start making their money back - and profits don't really happen until they're a year in. They're not like, large corporations that buy businesses.

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