I blame marketers more then regular folks since marketers started two truly inane and utterly stupid spelling trends.

A) X without an E in front of it like Xtreme, Xcellent, Xpert I know its suppose to look cool but it is not. Exceprion XMen since it was named in the 60s prior to this inane trend. In the 90s there was even a videogame magazine called Xpert Gamer.

B) Z instead of an S like bratz, boyz, girlz, toyz. Sorry no other word for this trend but stupid.

The worst part is this is giving a bad lesson to people who say “oh professional writers use this why can’t I”. No it is not acceptable just because marketers do this is not a license.

Any teacher here see either on their students papers? I would think the first would be more common, the X without the E.