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Spending Diet Check In

I know a number of people were looking to get their spending under control in the new year, or otherwise meet some budgetary or savings goals. So I thought I’d try and remember to periodically make a check in post where we can share tips, discuss challenges and set backs, and otherwise stay motivated.

So, how did Week 1 of 2018 go? Was it hard to adjust your behavior? What is your strategy for making a change? Were you faced with any temptations or emergencies that required spending?

Boyjangles and I reviewed our spending for the past year (it was atrocious, but we’ll just chalk that up to a big move as well as buying and furnishing a house, and move on) and our goals for this year, and we made a new budget to acheive those goals. This budget includes minimal-to-no spending on “things”, because we both feel that we have purchased every “thing” in existence last year (I’m so embarrassed to say this, but we spent ~$8,000 at Amazon). We can spend endless amounts of money on our house, so we are trying to curb that.


In general our non-thing spending was ok for last year. Our grocery spending was a bit higher than I’d like, but not outrageous, and I think it was higher due to moving. I’ll figure out where the good deals are. Our entertainment spending was also ok. We had to buy a lot of new clothes to deal with temperatures below 50 degrees, but hopefully we have what we need. So there was some fine tuning of those categories but nothing major.

Week 1 was good in that we both diligently tracked our expenses, and they were minimal and in line with the budget. Except that our heater broke, so that required a repair few hundred dollar repair. I know it was unavoidable (the temps were in the negatives) but it’s not the best start to the new year.

Hoping you all had a better start!

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