Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

Hey, for those of you who had goals of reigning in your spending for 2018, can you believe we are 1/6 of the way done with the year? How did your first 2 months go?

I think I posted at the end of January that we fell short of our savings by about 15%, but it was really more like 20%. Which means we still saved way more than in December, when we saved nothing. Feb was better. I haven’t finished running the numbers yet, but a quick glance suggest we were within about 100 of our spending goal for the month. We didn’t have anything break unexpectedly, and grocery and entertainment costs were low because I was gone for half the month (I don’t know what Boyjangles eats when I’m not here, but clearly I am the problem when it comes to our grocery spending). Also, having a short month likely worked in our favor.

Boyjangles was so proud of himself because he didn’t order a single thing from Amazon the entire month (not even the thing I asked him to order because we needed it, which I only found out about when he made that proclamation). But, hey, boys need constant applause and I can provide that if it helps him stay motivated.


Amazingly, we were able to stay on budget despite taking a week long vacation (the vacation was in the budget, and we cooked a lot of meals ourselves to keep costs down). And, true to form, we are already planning our next vacation. I think we can buy three of our four plane tickets with airline miles, and I’m scheming about how we can get more miles to get that last leg paid for. We are thinking about renting a tandem bike and biking around Belgium or the Netherlands. So if anyone has done this and has tips or recommendations, I am want to hear them.

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