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Spent part of Yesterday with ABiL, sorta

So yesterday we had two birthday parties to go to. One for the 1 year old daughter of Mr. Ivriniel's oldest friend, the other for OSiL's youngest daughter.

First was the party for the 1 year old. When we got there, the Annoying Inlaws were nowhere to be seen. Then when Mr. I's friend took us on a tour of his newly renovated basement, we discovered ABiL was in the basement watching TV, while his nearly 3 year old daughter played. ASiL was apparently at work.

I thought, "Oh good, at least he's actually watching her, instead of having everyone else do it."



ABiL was a hermit in the basement for the entire party, only coming upstairs once in four hours, when the cake was served. Meanwhile, his daughter was up and down the basement stairs constantly, coming up to the main party to get juice and nibbles. From where he was sitting in the basement, he couldn't see her on the stairs and whenever she started going up or down, he would call after her to hold the railing.

At one point when she came up the stairs, she tripped on the bottom of the baby gate at the top of the stairs, and started to cry. I scooped her up, and she was fine, but not even this was enough to rouse ABiL from the basement. You'd think the guy who works in healthcare, who is so self important that he brought an oxygen tank to our wedding, just in case their Grandfather had a heart attack, would want to at least have a look to see if his kid was OK, but apparently not.

At one point his daughter asked for a glass of juice, and after someone poured it for her, she stood in the middle of the carpet, and just turned it over, spilling it all over the floor. My MiL says she does this often if she isn't given a cup with a lid. As the juice was being cleaned up, one of the host's friend's commented "I don't blame her, she's a toddler. I blame *points downward indicating the basement where ABiL is sitting*."


Then the party started rolling down, so we got ready to leave and go over to OSiL's house. We were some of the last people to leave, and ABiL still hadn't emerged from the basement. The host said to us "Do you think I am going to have to use a crowbar to get him out of my basement?"

ABiL keeps up this kind of behaviour, and he may find himself not invited to parties in the future.


Anyways, we went over to OSiL's for pizza and wings. Then we waited for the Annoying InLaws to arrive, so we could order pizza. When ABiL finally emerged from the friend's basement, he had to go pick up ASIL from her work.

So we waited. And waited. We texted them asking about how long they would be, and what pizza toppings they wanted. No reply. Finally we ordered without them, and OBiL went to pick up the pizza. By the time they did arrive, the chicken wings that OSiL had picked up from the grocery store hot counter were cold, so she stuck them in the oven to warm up. Something started smoking a little, and set off the smoke detector. When this happened ABiL announced: "I guess this means dinner is *finally* ready."


They'd been there maybe 10 minutes. The rest of us had waited at least an hour and a 1/2 for them.

Niece is still firmly in love with "All About that Bass" and asked for it to be played on YouTube. Niece and ABiL enthusiastically sang along. Even:


"I'm bringing booty back! Go ahead and tell them skinny bitches that"

Long time readers of the Annoying Inlaws saga will know that ASiL is a size 2, with no booty to speak of, making this whole display by her husband, feel a bit off. Niece doesn't know what she is singing, but ABiL does , and given that I can tell ASiL doesn't like the song, you'd think ABiL would also clue in.


As soon as that song was over, Niece called for it again, and ASiL immediately started suggesting "God Made Girls", which seems to be her goto whenever All About the Bass gets mentioned (not sure why, as ASiL isn't religious). All About that Bass is problematic, God Made Girls is worse in my opinion. There was much eye rolling from the other women in the room over God Made Girls, especially when ASiL had to go on and on about how talented the woman who sings it is.

Oh, apparently ABiL has gotten another part time job, and ASiL has decided that once he gets settled she is going to quit her job, and be a stay at home Mom. ABiL told OSiL that he told ASiL that he would only agree to her quitting her job, if she committed to getting out of the house at least once a week. The fact that he felt the need to say this, and then repeat it to his sister does not sound good.


On the other hand, ASiL told OSiL that she intends to use her time as a stay at home Mom to focus on her "second career as a party planner". She recently sent Mr I a request on LinkedIn to endorse her a Party Planner. Back before she got pregnant with niece, she had said something about going back to school to be a party planner, a decision she came to apparently because she like planning her own wedding.

Their wedding was a rather meh affair in my opinion, and to my knowledge she hasn't planned any parties since. She's also rather disorganized, as she apparently has ADHD inattentive subtype. She also doesn't drive, which seems like it would be a limiting factor for a party planner. There's only so much stuff you can transport on the bus.


We have heard nothing more about them selling their house. Their heat stopped working last month, and as far as we know it hasn't been fixed yet (They borrowed a spare space heater we had, to go with one they already had. ) so that might have something to do with it.

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