I didn't get any work done today because instead I was tinkering with the vending machine in the break room all day. All things considered, I think it was a pretty productive day for me.

The office manager called me to the break room to see if I could get the vending machine working. Years ago we had dated but last year she was hired by my company (small world) which has started the running office joke to check to see if I've dated every new woman we hire. Har har. Anyway, so while I'm elbows deep in this vending machine I'm reminded why me and the office manager didn't work out. That woman will not stop talking, just anything to not have silence. I thought she was going to sit there and watch me all day but she had something else to do besides watch me not do my job.

I wasn't making a lot of progress so I grabbed our last office manager who seemed to be pretty handy (in my company office managers are usually a cheerful woman in her early twenties that gets poached by different departments when they need more bodies, this one ended up in accounting). Turned out it was a good call, she ended up being really helpful and good with machines. We couldn't figure out what was causing the jam so we decided to take it all apart and put it back together again. It actually got a little hot in a work-inappropriate way: sitting together on the floor, arms intertwined, holding parts for each other and passing tools. But we are professionals so we didn't make out on the break room floor or whatever.

My company has a lot of engineers so of course they all passed by and gave their two cents, but we pretty much had it covered. When we finished putting it back together the vending machine worked again and we celebrated with a business high five.

Upon completion of this project the head of engineering decided he didn't like the grinding sound the vending machine now makes, and he promptly broke it again trying to fix it. Looks like I'll be busy again tomorrow.