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Spider nest!? Warning: Picture of Spider and Unidentified Object

Background: I am completely and totally against all insects except for butterflies who mind their own business and inch worms because they are cute. Bumblebees are fine too, I guess. Unexpected bugs in my house/car/etc transform me from a rational, thinking being into a person who has nearly swerved off the road when a spider was spotted in the car. The only exception to this rule is while camping or hiking or some other outdoor activity because I feel like I'm in their space and expect them to be there, but I still do the "get it off me" flail as needed.

So, when I saw a spider had taken up residence between the double pane window behind my bed, my boyfriend was surprised that I told him not to kill it. She was just doing her own thing, you know? Over the past few weeks we've lived in harmony, spider on one side of the window, us on the other, and she has made a cozy little home for herself. Well, that has all changed this morning when I noticed this silky-like ball, taunting me. Look, I was fine with her staying here and sharing our apartment with us, but I didn't sign up for her bringing a hundred or so children into the mix. We don't have the space. Now, if this is just some bug that she caught that she's saving for later, who am I to judge? But I can't tell, and neither can my boyfriend, and I'm becoming increasingly anxious that these fuckers are going to hatch and somehow make it through the cracks of the window and murder me.


So what do you think? Is it prey she's caught, or, the more ominous option, a million spiders about to be brought into the world? And, because I'm a weirdo, I'd feel strangely bad for kicking her to the curb if it's not a nest. How do you get rid of this thing? If you pick it up to dispose of it, will it explode everywhere? Do you just pick it up in a plastic bag? I refuse to google this, you guys. Help?

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