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Spiderwick Seriously Its For Children? Seriously? Major spoilers

I read Spiderwick The Completely Fantastical Edition. It contains five books.

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I found the book a few days ago at a thrift shop for a dollar then I looked up their author and discovered its for grade schoolers.


Its for children to read? I found this series disturbing beyond belief.

The last two books were not quite as bad except for a suicide.

First three books

1. Mallory 14 finding her hair glued to the head board. That’s plain creepy. To wake up to this.ugh.


2. Simon had taken some tadpoles in to raise to whatever they become. The mother found them in the freezer in ice cubes.

3. Cat on a spit being eaten by goblins. Seriously this is in a children’s book.

4. Simon a 9 year old waking up to find scratches.

5. Simon 9 kidnapped by goblins put in a cage to be eaten.

6. Mallory also gets kidnapped oh and by end of series their mother. Talk about childhood fears kidnapping had to have been my worst fear.


7. Aunt Lucinda in an asylum out their by her cousin who believes she was cutting herself. Lucinda’s description of being attacked at night by goblins was a disturbung scene. Is subject of cutting really appropriate for grade schoolers inside of a fantasy novel.

Last book

8. Suicide. Lucinda’s dad killed himself so he could hug her. Seriously this is for children?


Why not give your children the Books of Blood series by Clive Barker the subjects and imagery rank up to this  but Barker is by far a better writer.

I remember as a child loving Hardy Boys novels. What a distance in 40 years. Maybe I was just sheltered.


Explain how this is for grade school children to read?

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