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Spilled (puked up) Milk

Baby Haa just got her first full bottle of breast milk. I pumped 3 days for the 4 oz Mr. Haa gave her. She wolfed down 3 and a half oz of it and promptly projectile puked all over Mr. Haa. I watched him and he burped her throughout, made her take breaks (that she screamed thru) but she still didn't keep hardly any of it down. So now I'm bummed because 1) there goes milk I worked to get for 3 days all for nothing, 2) I'm missing an opportunity to pump this feeding because she needs to finish nursing and 3) I wanted to see if 4 oz during a feeding satisfies her so I know how much I need to pump so I can go out for sushi with girlfriends next week. This stinks.


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