My heart is still pounding.

I took Walligator to the beach to run off some energy; a lovely outing for that sweet mutt.

Driving home, 3 boys no older than 10 blasted through a stop sign on their bikes without ever looking. The last kid had one of those low attachments that carry a smaller kid. In this case, baby brother of 4 at the most. We live in a sleepy town, but they crossed the main road. Speed limit is 35. THANK HEAVENS I was only traveling 25.

Brake slam. They didn't notice.

I banged a right and blew my horn until the kid with his baby brother finally stopped. I didn't want to yell or frighten him, but I needed to tell him how close they had all just come to ruining their parents lives.


I said, calmly, "Hey, kid! You & all of your friends just blew threw that stop sign without looking. As a Mother (lie) I have to tell you, NEVER do that again."

Kid: "We looked!"

Me: "No. You didn't. I am not angry, I just want you to know that if anything happened to any one of you your families lives would be ruined. Changed forever. "


Kid: "I'm sorry."

Me: "I know honey." Then I got out of the car and walked over and hugged him.

Me: "Just please don't do that again. Especially with your baby brother. And tell your friends what I've said, too. I'm not mad. I just don't want you to get hurt."


Kid: "Hey! Your dog is loose!" Wally hit the power window button, jumped out and was leaping around like a rabbit.

Me & the kid laughed. He helped me corral the dawg.

Me: "G'Nite, honey."

Kid: "G'nite."

Wally got in and we drove home. I am still shaking a little.

ETA: Wallace McStinkPaw, Shwaffles, Shwalligator, Wally. He has smelled like waffles for years, even though I am Team Pancake. Traitor.