Do NOT watch ‚ÄúResident Advisors‚ÄĚ on Hulu.

I wish I had read a review before being bored and giving it a chance. I pretty much had a rage stroke and am still insanley pissed at the horrible pilot storyline.

‚ÄúIn the pilot, Douglas has to fix a situation in which a male student named Leslie gets accidentally placed in a room with a female. Doug‚Äôs ultimate solution is have Leslie pretend that he identifies as a woman in order to stay in the room (this way he can use his female roommate as a wingman!) and then gives a speech to the Dean about how gender isn‚Äôt binary. This is, I suppose, Resident Advisors‚Äė nod to Tumblr & co. about being a cool and progressive show but considering Doug‚Äôs selling point to Leslie was basically ‚Äúhey, if you pretend to be a woman you can shower with women!‚ÄĚ it only comes off as gross and uncomfortable.‚ÄĚ