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Welcome To The Bitchery
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Spoiling my spouse

Wednesday is LordSparrow’s birthday, and I’m excited. It’s the only birthday this year I’ll be able to spend actually with the person, so I want it to be great. I finally got him to decide on a meal plan for the day: crab Benedict for brunch and carnitas tacos with elote for dinner. I hunted down the specific edition of Risk he’s had on his wish list for so long that it’s discontinued, and ordered the nice cocktail jigger he’s had his eye on. Today I snuck out to investigate a nearby CBD shop because he’s recently discovered it really helps with his pain, anxiety, and sleep. The owner was so amazing (also masked and keeping a respectful distance), and he gave me several samples on my way out. Also two $10 coupons! I even managed to smuggle in a bottle of gin he’s been curious about. The gifts are already all wrapped and sitting out to taunt him. All in all, I think it should be a great day.


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