Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery
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11 Things Powerful Women Say To Themselves. Those 11 things are:

1. "Time to wake up, girlfriend, the world needs your sunshine!"

2. Go work out.

3. Clothes.

4. Boys.

5. Food.

6. Food.

7. "Office warrior princess."

8. Selfies.

9. Boys.

10. Food.

11. "I will end the day knowing that I am a fierce, awesome lady... and that I look as FAB as I feel!"


Thank you, BuzzFeed Partner SlimFast. How did you know that what I needed today was to think about everything I eat and how I look? I plan on fashioning myself a sparkly diadem out of post-it notes and thumbtacks and hunting down wild desk chairs with my homemade staple gun to show my boss how much of a office warrior princess I am. And then I'll go take a selfie in front of a cute boy, because I'm not just good looking, I'm charming too.


Also, I don't particularly like cupcakes. And I love complaining about them. Especially that cupcake, because it looks incredibly mediocre and it's not worth the energy I would put into eating it.

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