Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

I know it’s not exactly Halloween time yet, but my dumb house is acting spooky again. To wit: I walk from my kitchen back toward my office and notice the bathroom door is closed. This is not spooky. I go to open said bathroom door (I dunno, I prefer doors open) and inside the bathroom is all steamed up, like someone took a shower.

I literally did a double-take. My first (more insane maybe) thought was: is my husband home? Did he sneak in and take a shower? Did SOMEONE sneak in and take a shower?!?!


Like, the towels hanging on the racks are noticeably damp. It was not “a little steamy” but like walking into a steam room. I never heard the shower turn on, and I’ve been home all day working, walking back and forth from office to kitchen multiple times.

The window in the bathroom is/was closed.

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