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I will admit this is not the most coherent of posts. I’m trying to get this sorted out in my head, so bear with me.

Sports Illustrated is featuring three covers, each with a different model, for this year’s swimsuit edition. One of them is plus-sized model Ashley Graham.


The other two are MMA fighter Ronda Rousey and supermodel Hailey Clauson.

They are stroking their own asses about how groundbreaking and amazeballs this is. And it is, to have a plus-size model on the swimsuit edition cover. It’s also the first time they’ve used three separate models for three different covers.

So Ashley Graham is all sexy mcsexypants in her bikini in the surf. But Hailey Clauson isn’t even wearing a top, just her fingers and hand pressed over the nips. And Ronda Rousey has a painted on swimsuit.

I feel like they had to make sure to out-do the plus-size model. Like, omg the fat girl is all hot in the surf. Let’s make sure the supermodel isn’t even wearing a top! and that the MMA fighter is literally naked except for paint!


Couldn’t they give the plus-sized model her own cover by itself. That would have been truly groundbreaking.

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