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Sports Rage: "Vandy FB Player 'Allowed' teammates to rape girlfriend."


It's a deadspin article, but I'm providing the link instead of sharing because we need our own comments.


"Former Volunteers quarterback Erik Ainge disclosed some of those details this morning on his Tennessee Sports Radio program, and they're ugly.

Ainge opted not to reveal any names, saying only that four players were involved and that after a night of drinking one player "allowed" the other three to rape his girlfriend. "They were out," Ainge said, "they were drinking, boyfriend Vandy football player had sex with his girlfriend, then allowed his three teammates with him to also have sex with his girlfriend, and she did not want that to be the case."

The case is being taken seriously enough by authorities, certainly; the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation is involved and testing evidence in its crime lab."

Just Ugh. Just fucking ugh. Just ugh ugh ugh ugh ugh ugh ugh. Some days I pray for that Yosemite super volcano. Just ugh.

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