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Spring! (finally)! What's in your garden?

I’ve got nothing but dead branches & leaves swept out for the township pick~up. Those things have been waiting all winter to be pushed to the curb. But I’ve got big plans!

My plans & plants are every shade of yellow & orange, mostly because that was my directive for branding colors last week & I get to keep the shit we’ve used. Good thing I love those colors & some other colors...I’ve got 12 yellow/orange perennials sitting on my front stairs, waiting to be planted. Mr. 4th & me did some serious weeding & dirt turning this morning.


So, while I’ve not delivered a peekture of my garden, I truly want to know what you’re planning for yours. Mine is in a dirty state of raking & weeding, but I’m getting ready :)


Vegetables? Flowers? Bushes or Greenery? Drop off your garden joy or questions...

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