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Spring~times, almost Summer...

.. though you wouldn’t know it around here on the North East Coast, because it’s unseasonably chilly. Plus, rainy~times and tomorrow is supposed to be super windy & chilly, too. If I had any firewood left I would have built a fire today....in Mid May. Not the best scenario for Mid May:)


However, much planting of flowers has commenced regardless of the weather & the vegetable garden planting is right around the corner. Unless you other N.Easterners have already started?? Yes? No?

Here, have a disturbing cucumber plant spreading its’ seed gif:

Which leads me to the point: What have you planted so far? What flowers & why? What vegetables & why? Are the gardens thriving or whimpering? Do you have a genius Garden design? Need advice or have advice ? Are you an old hand at it that can share some wisdom, no matter the region?

Gardening can be hard. There is so much collective wisdom here, so please share it whether there is a question or not:)


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