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Well so I literally have tears in my eyes now. The teenage girl physically manhandled by a cop Monday at my alma mater has recently lost her mother and is newly in foster care. ETA: Shaun King issued a correction that her mother is alive but she is in foster care. I shudder to think what trauma she endured to put her there, and now this. Not that there would be any legitimacy to handling her like that, but now we have a heart-wrenching story to go along with it.

And, as was previously reported, she did not escape free of injury:

However, her attorney Todd Rutherford told WLTX that she suffered neck and back injuries from the incident. “He weighs about 300 pounds. She is a student who is 16 years old. Who now has a cast on her arm, a band aid on her neck, and neck and back problems. There’s something wrong here,” Rutherford said.


Way to make sure her year ends with icing on her shit cake, assholes. All you fucking assholes - the sadist cop, the racist apologists, and the fucking school district who can’t even make a statement without making *sure* we know she was misbehaving. Being uppity I guess.

Her lawyer, Todd Rutherford, seems to be a member of the SC General Assembly, unless I am confused. I have been looking for a way to donate to make sure this girl does not have to pay a goddamn dime for her medical bills or her attorney. Someone on my Facebook posted his phone number urging us to call and donate but I would rather not do that until I see a more official source.


If I find out where to donate I will post about it.

ETA - Temperance has quieted my trigger finger and warned against donating to anything for her medical or legal bills, because she should be covered from the system for medical and her lawyer will probably be pro-bono. And we don’t want to give money to just any GoFundMe. So, PSA everyone.


You can see my last posts about it here and here. Gawker is also covering it but the comments are making me want to murder everyone.


I am so heartbroken and unsurprised to see how my high school made the news. I got the fuck out of Columbia, South Carolina because I could see little shit sociopaths all around me. I hate that this is happening and strengthening the barriers between races there. My memories from Richland School District Two/Spring Valley High School:

  • The neighborhoods are segregated, the schools are segregated (because disciplinary problems keep you out of these elite, separated gifted programs. The one I was in was called “Discovery” - there was one called “Horizons,” and a middle school one I can’t remember the name of because I went to private school for middle school). We can all imagine what happens if kids who are punished frequently are barred from the good classes...Hmm, I wonder what kids might be punished frequently.
  • I’ve mentioned this here before, but when I was in the school system (may not be true today), they sent home a racial breakdown of homeroom classes to the parents, so the parents could request to have their kids moved. So any time luck would de-segregate the classes, racism got the upper hand. I don’t know if this happened in high school - we never used homerooms at Spring Valley but once a month maybe so either no one cared to be moved or they didn’t do that. Or maybe they’d stopped the practice by the time I got to high school.
  • I had to be reminded that our student body president my senior year was the first black one, and “drop out n*****” was scrawled on her car and locker. She was threatened constantly, probably because a popular white male lost the race. I knew the guy - I don’t know that he had anything to do with this, because he seemed nice and he seemed reasonable. But his crowd was full of blowhards.
  • One of the parents on my cross-country team tried to sue the school for discrimination when the girls who ran in the varsity/more competitive races were mostly black. Of course, the team itself was mostly black, and let anyone one it. Yes, anyone. You didn’t have to try out. So black girls wanted to run, ran well, and it made a white parent jealous for her precious snowflake (to be fair to the snowflake, I’m not sure she had anything to do with it).
  • Every year, one of our summer reading books was a piece of African-American-written literature. Every year, I heard the same people throw a fucking fit about it (keep in mind the school was about half black, and whites maybe made up a third at best). By my senior year, you could get a note from your parents to request a book by a white author. White kids couldn’t be made to read a book by a black author. I wonder what might have happened if black kids tried to protest reading white authors...since all of them we studied were white, pretty much.
  • The Confederate Flag was always a big debate around town. There was a point where it was really heated (it came and went in waves), and students who ALWAYS had the right to wear it to school and put it on their cars and shit started running through the halls waving it, and flying huge ones from the back of their trucks and honking speeding around in the parking lots. The flag was then banned from campus (because duh). This was a huge deal and had many parents and freezepeach nuts up in arms. We arrived at school one day shortly thereafter to find a skeleton from the science room dangling from a noose, with a Confederate Flag flying on the nearby flagpole.
  • We had a “pride week” during Black History Month. “Pride weeks” were organized by the student council where everyone would dress a certain way on a certain day to show school spirit, leading up to a big sporting event. I think this one was a basketball game? Anyway, we had our black student body president, and one of the days was “black out” day where you were supposed to wear black. A ton of students wore white in protest.

People can say, “what do you expect, stupid South Carolina, hardy har har look at me making new and bold statements” but the sad reality is that plenty of great people - of all colors - live there. And they suffer. And making fun of SC, and then making fun of Louisiana, and then Florida, and then Alabama, and then Missouri - you can’t just act like everyone is stupid for living in MOST OF THE COUNTRY that is racist. There is a HUGE black population in Columbia, and they are progressive and they are smart and they take action. But they are stomped out by a system where the deck is stacked against them - via segregated education and gerrymandering.

I’m so sad for this poor girl, and for all the kids of color who are going to school this week, having to look at the cops around them and wonder what small thing they might do to get sent to the hospital today.

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