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SPX Day 2

I was just going to get some buttons and mini-comics for my co-workers today, but ended up buying some more stuff. Much smaller haul than yesterday though, and I love everything! That pile of things on the bottom right of the picture are all the cards I picked up from people that I didn’t buy from. I might have to make myself a spreadsheet so that I make sure to check everyone out at some point.

I’m especially looking forward to reading this one:


And look what else I picked up today!

The salt and vinegar are better than Herr’s, IMO. I like them a lot. Very salty. I haven’t tried “The Crab Chip” yet but I’m looking forward to it.

I’m going to play tomorrow by ear—I might need a day of doing nothing (except shopping for a bag for my haul) instead of doing tourist things. This weekend has been exhausting.


Cheerio! Hope everyone else’s weekend was good, too!

PS: For those of you who’ve been following my ’Murrica posts, I bought an Amtrak ticket so I don’t have to worry about extra bags.

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