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For those who missed it, members of a Miami high school dance team wore performance outfits to a football game that included garter belts. The internet is, of course, outraged. Are these outfits too sexual?

Personally I think garter belts were a bold choice but I’m not mad at them.


A few random thoughts about this:

1. Garter belts are weird. I don’t really know anyone who wears them in real life. If the outfits didn’t have the garter belts, then the dancers would actually be wearing less clothing, but I’m not sure if anyone would have cared.

2. A lot of the stories I saw circulating about this are referring to the dancers as cheerleaders. They’re not. The cheerleaders and the dance team are separate things at this high school. Does that make a difference? I don’t know, but at least one of the parents (quoted in the Miami Herald story) thought it did. The parents of the dancers apparently approved the outfits.

3. A little off-topic, but all of the students at this high school appear to be black. The population of Miami proper is like 19% black. Segregation in America is real.

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