Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

So true story, I drive an old, shitty, filthy, yet reliable car. One of the 'features' of this old car that has ceased to function is often, if you pull the gas tank lever, the cover doesn't open and you have to gently encourage (pry it open) it with a car key. One out of maybe 20 times, it just won't open at all.

So of course yesterday, when it's -1000000 outside, I have to stop for gas.... and the goddamn gas tank cover will NOT open no matter how much prying I do. So I dug around on the passenger side, found an old empty Diet Cherry Dr. Pepper can, and wedged the gas tank lever open with a strategically mashed soda can. BOOM. Problem solved. THANKS, SQUALOR!


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