So I've always kind of chuckled at the GT squalor stuff because I'm a disorganized person by nature and at times in my life I've dealt with serious depression to the point I couldn't even motivate myself to shower so yeah, I get that.

Unfortunately, it kind of reared its ugly head again recently. Not necessarily depression, but not great. I moved to a new area so was lonely, started a new job where everyone was lovely but I felt terribly self-conscious, was mourning my semi-recent breakup...

Anyway, suffice to say I moved from a huge house to a small apartment with 6 dogs and I used to ensuing clutter (however much you downsize, it isn't enough) to justify getting crazy dirty.

I spent exactly one hour and 20 minutes today cleaning (including a run to the recycling center because my dumb dog likes to chew plastic and then hide it so I accumulated 3 bags from under the bed, behind the couch, etc.) and my apartment looks fucking awesome, and I feel great. I still need to do some things and have a pile of laundry (washer/dryer running atm) but yeah...I kept putting it off because it felt like this insurmountable task so if you're like me, just know that you'll be amazed at what you can accomplish in an hour or so. ;)